Types of Wine

There are basically 5 major types of wine namely: Rose wine, red wine, white wine, fortified wine and sparkling wine. Under these wine types are hundreds of grape varieties and winemaking styles.

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Below is a brief explanation for each type of wine:

Red wines – red wines are made from black grapes and range from light to dark.

Rose wine – these are also wines made from blending red and white wines. They are also made by removing skins of black grapes.

Fortified wine – Fortified wines are dessert wines made by fortifying wines with spirits.

Sparkling wine – Sparkling wine involves secondary fermentation (which causes the wine to bubble). They can be red, white, or rose and they taste sweet.

White wines – White wines are rich, creamy, zesty, and light. They are made from green and black grapes.

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Wines can also be classified into flavor, namely: Dry, semi-sweet and sweet.

Below is a brief explanation for each type of wine flavor:

Dry wine – these are made by fermenting grape sugars into alcohol.

Semi-sweet wines – Semi-sweet wines does not leave a lot of sugars in an unfermented wine.

Sweet wines – Sweet wines are made by stopping the fermentation before yeasts turn grape extracts into alcohol. Stopping the fermentation may include pouring brandy into or super-cooling the wine.

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